Most small businesses would rather focus on their work
than their technology.

MacADEPT can help you do that. We’re customer-service oriented technology professionals
who serve businesses whose internal IT resources are limited.
We offer a full range of IT services for both Mac and PC systems.
We always have time to speak with you (in ordinary language, not geek-speak), and we’re pretty good listeners, too.
Our work is reliable and complete—when we finish a project, you’re not dependent on us.
We’ll be glad to see you again—but not until you need something new.




  • Network Development and Expansion
  • System and Data Protection
  • Data Synchronization and Sharing
  • PCI compliance
  • IP Telephony (VoIP)
  • Computer systems/supplies (sales)
  • Off-site Backups
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We’re here and ready to speak with you about your IT needs. What is keeping you up at night. Let us know and we’ll figure out how to make sure IT issues no longer disturbs your REM requirements. Shoot us an email or give a call now.

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