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“MacAdept has been taking care of all our technology needs for over ten years and we couldn’t be more pleased with their services.”
– Megan Canning, Deputy Director, Design Trust for Public Space

“MacAdept has been our technical and computer support system for almost 15 years. They are the best and most dependable company in the business. We would never even consider another option.”
– Bill Charles, photographer’s representative, Bill Charles Represents

“MacAdept went above and beyond in supporting us when we premiered a concert at Carnegie that involved a complicated multimedia component.  They prepared us before the concert, and supported us in the tech booth during the concert to make sure nothing went wrong. It was an important day for us, and it was clear that that made it equally important for him.”
– Georgia Shreve, Owner, Ideation Media

“We’ve worked with MacAdept for more than 15 years. They are always available for IT support, and go above and beyond, regularly making technology suggestions to help my business run better – all with a great attitude. They set up the network for our design studio, and years later, when we went virtual, they set up our system to provide secure, fast access to our files for all our designers.”
– Floyd Rappy, Creative Director, Rappy & Company, Inc.

“MacAdept has always been there to recommend and facilitate the most efficient way to set up our systems and network. They are experts in both hardware and software and have seamlessly allowed us to utilize the best of both Mac and PC environments.”
– Martin Friedman, CEO, Blue Chip Building Maintenance