MacADEPT can meet your needs for everything from putting together a network to protecting the data on that network to creating a database, to helping your computer users with software problems. Whether you are a Mac or PC based company (or a combination of both), we can provide:

Network Development and Expansion

We take all the stress of designing, installing, or relocating your computer network, including:

  • Network integration: Ensuring that all computers, printers, and other devices on the network are able to “speak” with the server and/or each other, including assuring that Macs and PCs work together, or connecting two or more offices via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Network installations and rollouts: Putting the hardware, operating system, and software together, or replacing major components of a network, and making sure all the pieces are working properly for all users.
  • Network cabling: Placing the cables to create, expand, or repair your network in the best configuration for your purposes.
  • Network relocation: Doing the planning, disconnecting, packing, reconnecting, and testing to make sure you are ready to go at a new location.

System and Data Protection

There are a lot of “bad actors” on the Internet, trying to get at your data, turn your computers into “zombies,” bring your network down and  generally wreak havoc. Disgruntled employees and natural disasters are risks as well. You need protection! MacADEPT can help by:

  • Setting up firewalls, selecting and installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software, or removing malware that has penetrated your system
  • Alerting you if your company is being victimized by a phishing scheme, and supporting you in responding appropriately
  • Establishing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides an extra layer of security when your employees connect to your network over the Internet
  • System backup – on and off-site
  • Disaster recovery

Data Synchronization and Sharing

  • ShareSync: Implementing this file sync and share solution so your employees can keep files and folders in sync across devices, making them more mobile—and easily share files inside and outside of the company, so they are more collaborative. ShareSync offers superior sharing and syncing features, content protection, and security and control features compared with other approaches commonly used by small businesses.
  • Cloud data storage: Evaluating your cloud storage needs; handling the entire data migration process for you so it is as smooth as possible; setting up web-based management and user controls. Our service provides an unmatched, financially-backed service level agreement (SLA) of 99.999% so you are consistently up and running.

PCI Compliance

Restaurants are very vulnerable to credit and debit card information theft due to the smaller security budgets found in the hospitality industry. MacAdept ensures your business is secure from a hack like the one that happened to Target last year, by ensuring that you are in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI 3.0). We do this through:

  • Developing and maintaining secure systems and applications
  • Performing regular testing of the security systems and processes
  • Installing and controlling the firewall configurations that maintain secure data
  • Making sure you know how to respond to system alerts

IP Telephony: Saving you money by installing an office phone system that runs through your computers (Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP), and helping you select the appropriate phones, headsets, etc. to get maximum benefit from the system.

Sales of Computer Systems/Supplies

We are a VAR (Value Added Reseller), and can sell the components that are required when creating solutions for customers, such as security software, network switches, wire enclosures, backup equipment, and many other items.